Image - Sapien @ Birkenhead Sixth Form College How To Login
When you access the Sapien system, you will be presented with a login box;

Sapien Login Box
Please enter bsfcdomain\ , then your staff initials and your network password
Example : - bsfcdomain\abc

Please enter bsfcdomain\ , then your admin number and your network password.
Example : - bsfcdomain\9840000

Sapien Feature's
With Sapien, you can;
~ Log in from any internet enabled Computer
~ Monitor your attendance and EMA entitlement
~ Ability to view and print off your Attendance
~ Ability to view your timetable
~ See comments from your tutors.
~ See all the data that the college holds about you
~ Read your subject reviews
And Much Much More

Sapien has been designed & developed by John Sparrow (Applications Developer).